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Jewel Communications works hard to provide support and solve the issues and challenges facing my clients, both large and small. I have worked with most of my clients for many years, and most of my business comes to me through word of mouth, which I believe is testament to the quality of the work I do for my clients. I pride myself on not only meeting my clients' expectations but exceeding them.  A lot has changed over the last two years - let me help you and your business succeed by providing you with customized, flexible and responsive services to support you, take some things off your plate and let you focus on the things that you're best at.

Proofreading, Technical Writing and Copy Editing

Jewel Communications can help improve the quality and success of your written communications and content.

Services include proofreading and copy editing as well as quality control of material to ensure that content is consistent, follows corporate standards and is well written. These important reviews can also test the functionality of online training, website links, smart documents/forms, etc. I can also assist with reviewing content/programs for accessibility for non-visual learners or users with physical limitations that make it difficult to use a mouse.

I have worked with a wide variety of clients to review material/content such as: corporate training programs, business presentations, storyboards and e-learning courses, social worker reports, legal documents, scientific feasibility studies, reference manuals and website content.

Virtual Producing for Zoom Meetings

Do you use Zoom for meetings with employees or clients or for virtual learning courses?

Acting as a virtual producer (VP), I am there to support presenters/facilitators to ensure that a Zoom meeting runs smoothly. For most of my VP clients, I set up breakout rooms, resolve technical issues, share files or links in chat, monitor the chat for questions or comments, and admit people into meetings and take attendance.

Word-processing, Document Formatting, Form Creation

Using current software packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat, I can format and edit your documents, training manuals, reference guides and all other types of material quickly and professionally. I also ensure that any document meets current graphics standards or I can develop a new “look” for any project.

I can create or update any forms you need as well as create editable PDFs to replace paper-based forms. I can create "smart" PDFs that include hyperlinks, working table of contents, crosslinks, etc.

Project Coordination and Virtual Support

Acting as a Project Coordinator or Virtual Assistant, I can manage print production, coordinate translation of materials and provide administrative support for projects and tasks to help you meet all of your personal or business goals.

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